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Moto-yasu Kinoshita

So myself and Des flew to London yesterday to meet Moto-yasu Kinoshita chief engineer from the “Koh Energy Kasokuki” higher energy accelerator research group in Japan. We had an amazing interview and discussed all things thorium, about his proof of concept reactor which he hopes to build by 2018 and of his hopes to start building commercial reactors by around 2025. It was especially great to catch up with someone who is actively working in the world of thorium today. He was able to bring us up to speed with some of the amazing work he is doing in Japan. We were very lucky to meet him before he flew to Norway today. Learn more about him in this article from Mark Halper.

Read “A plan to turn Japan’s nuclear past into its future with molten salt reactors

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  1. Tony Lambert says:

    Any update on the movie..? Really looking forward to seeing how it turns out..

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