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Well, we’ve hit our target! The team here is simply shellshocked. We just cannot believe we’re over target with three days left. An enormous THANK YOU to each and every one of you. We are humbled and blown away by the support you’ve shown us. An extra special thank-you to everyone who helped spread the word through social media and by good old fashioned word of mouth.

Through the course of this campaign we’ve received lots of messages from people offering support. It’s been wonderful to talk to so many people who are as passionate about this subject as we are. Thanks to everyone who got in contact and apologies to anyone we haven’t replied to yet. We’ll respond to every message!

So the last thing to be said is that the £40,000 we asked for was the minimum required to finish post-production. We’re already over by £2895 which means that we will be able to fly to London next week to interview the chairman of the Japan-based International Thorium Molten-Salt Forum.

We’ve reviewed our budget for items that we removed to reduce costs. Any extra funds we receive will go directly to the following:

– If we reach £45,000 we can pay for additional archive footage we originally excluded. – If we reach £48,000 we will take a film crew to Oak Ridge National Laboratories in the US where the first Molten Salt Reactor was built. We will use a Kickstarter backer survery to ensure we ask the questions you want asked.

– If we reach £51,500 we will take a film crew to Japan to cover the restart of the country’s reactors and to interview the many researchers of Thorium there. We will use a Kickstarter backer survery to get suggestions for interviewees and questions.

– If we reach £60,000 we would like to include all the backers in selecting well-known music for the film. Popular, recognisable songs cost money but are very effective at creating the right kind of atmosphere to draw viewers in to the film.

– If we reach more than £60,000 we will hire the best voice actor we can to narrate the documentary. We will include all the backers in this decision as well. We would like to emphasise that this is our wishlist for finishing this film. Your contributions so far will already allow us to finish the documentary and we are tremendously grateful to every single backer for that. We have always said that we want this movie to appeal to as broad an audience as possible and every item on this wishlist will contribute to that.

It has been genuinely exciting for us to connect with so many backers who are as passionate about this subject as we are. We think these extra items we have listed are a great way to include all of you in the finished production. After all, this is your project too. This might be our wishlist but we would love to hear yours.

Frankie and Des

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  1. Uranium fission power started in 1943 (I think it was) with the successful operation of Enrico Fermi’s “Atomic Pile” in a rackets court in Chicago. It was, literally, just a pile of bricks, sandbags and chunks of enriched Uranium. Our knowledge of nuclear physics was much less than it is now, and knowledge of nuclear technology was in its infancy. Nevertheless, construction of the world’s first reactor to supply electricity to the grid was started at Calder hall, UK immediately after the end of the Second World War. So don’t let anyone tell you that it is going to take a long time to develop Thorium power. In fact a number of experimental reactors have already operated successfully, Including the UK’s Dragon Reactor which I believe is “in mothballs” and probably could be got working again for experimental purposes. The city of Halden in Norway is now powered by Thorium which supplies electricity to the town and superheated steam to the local paper mill.

    My own website is dedicated to the promotion of a small wind generator intended for use in communities worldwide which lack mains connection (about 1.5 billion people). Through my direct experience of working with renewable energy I know that the idea that we can get all the power we need from sun and wind is pure Fairyland Fantasy. I therefore have a page giving facts and figures highlighting the shortfall between renewable energy provision and actual power needs as relevant to industrially-developed countries and I describe the merits of Thorium power. I shall be happy to include a link on my website when the film is ready.

    This film is a fine project and if you could use more money I would be pleased to make a subscription. Have lots of fun making the film and spending the money!
    John David Simnett

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