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Education Education Education

So today’s little post is for all you nuclear nerds out there. I came across this a few weeks ago. Its a nuclear reactor simulation game. Just bear with me. Now we realize how this will probably fly over most of … Continue reading

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Moto-yasu Kinoshita

So myself and Des flew to London yesterday to meet Moto-yasu Kinoshita chief engineer from the “Koh Energy Kasokuki” higher energy accelerator research group in Japan. We had an amazing interview and discussed all things thorium, about his proof of concept … Continue reading

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Well, we’ve hit our target! The team here is simply shellshocked. We just cannot believe we’re over target with three days left. An enormous THANK YOU to each and every one of you. We are humbled and blown away by … Continue reading

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Check out our AMA on reddit NOW!! ASK US ANYTHING!

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Getting there!

Hello there! First of all we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed so far. We’ve had a great first few days. There has been an enormous out pouring of generosity which only seems to be going from strength to strength. … Continue reading

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Write up in the Irish news

Got a write up today in the a popular Irish news magazine on the net. You can read the article here. In other news this morning, on day two of our campaign, we have raised a total of £3,879. We’re … Continue reading

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So after much waiting we’ve finally launched our kickstarter appeal. Its only been up a few hours and already we’re receiving a very warm response. Please pass on our link to our page, let us know what you think and for Gods … Continue reading

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Thorium In The Media

Hiya! Check out the thorium story in some of these short video’s below. A Ted Talk (not from Kirk Sorenson) about the benefits of thorium. A somewhat sinister short on the thorium conspiracy (loving that drone in the background) that isn’t a … Continue reading

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Kickstarter funding!

Stay tuned for our kickstarter campaign coming real soon. Kickstarter is a website dedicated to crowd funding. We set a target of funds we would like to reach, you donate whatever you like (with the benefit of small rewards). If we don’t … Continue reading

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Billionaires secretly fund attacks on climate science

No matter what way you look at it. Private investment in cover ups and purposeful mis-information never looks good. Really it does nothing more than add credence to the anti-fossil fuel lobby. Energy cheaper than coal!

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